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Planning  your Trip

Following are some helpful guidelines that are useful when planning to stay in one of our privately owned Paris apartment rentals.

Plan to stay for a minimum of 5 7 nights. 

Most of our apartments have a 5 night minimum stay.  The remaining apartments have a 7 night minimum stay.  Once you have met the required minimum stay you can stay for any preferred longer combination of nights.   The only exception to the above rule is during the December holidays to New Year’s Day when all apartments have a 7 night minimum.  These dates are approximately December 22 – January 2.

Try to avoid arriving Paris on a Sunday. 

All our guests are met in person upon arrival at their apartment by members of our “Greeting” and management team.  Since the French value Sunday as a day of rest we prefer our guests to arrive Monday – Saturday.  However, special arrangements can be made for a Sunday arrival.

Try to avoid a flight arriving CDG before 7:00 am. 

There is about a two-hour “turn around” time from when your flight arrives Charles de Gaulle Airport to when you arrive at your Paris apartment.  Flights arriving CDG prior to 7:00 am can sometimes create “lag time” before you can access your apartment.  Ideally, try to choose a flight that arrives Paris after 7:00 am. If there are no outgoing guests from the apartment on the morning of your arrival you can usually be met at the apartment as early as 9:00 am.  If there are outgoing guests on the morning of your arrival you can usually access the apartment by 10:00 am to drop off your luggage and freshen up.  We ask that you then depart the apartment for a few hours enabling the cleaning crew to prepare the apartment for your party.

Ground transportation from CDG to the city of Paris. 

There are several methods of transportation from CDG to Paris.  These include private car service, taxi, shuttle bus, Air France bus and the RER (metro).   Generally we encourage our guests to take a taxi from CDG to their Paris apartment rental.  However, if your party is larger than three people, or you desire more personalized service, a private car service may be more ideal.  If you are traveling alone, a shuttle bus will be more affordable than a taxi although not as convenient.  We discourage our guests from taking the RER (metro) for several important reasons.  These include the effects of jet lag fatigue, difficulty of maneuvering with luggage and the challenge of finding your apartment for the first time.  All things considered, taking a taxi generally works best for our guests.

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