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Do we know our Paris apartments well?

Yes. We have been visiting our apartments regularly for fifteen years.

Do we actually stay in our apartments?

Yes. While in Paris we always stay in one of apartments. We stay in different apartments on each visit. We find staying in an apartment is the best way of getting to know an apartment and its surrounding neighborhood.

Do our apartments have someone on location in Paris to assist our guests?

Yes. All our apartments have a local Parisian on site able to assist our guests.

Are our guests met in person upon arrival at their apartment rental?

Yes. Our guests are generally met in person, by our Parisian management team, upon arrival at their apartment.

Do members of our Paris based management team speak English?

Yes. Our greeters and managers speak English well.

Are our apartments well located?

Yes. Our apartments are centrally located in the heart of Paris’ most desirable neighborhoods.

Are our apartments safe?

Yes. Our apartments are situated in safe, residential neighborhoods. The apartment buildings generally have an electronic security system (digicode) at the building’s street level. There is often a second, inner locked glass-door or intercom system in the building’s lobby.

Can the apartments be rented for less than one week?

Yes. Most of our apartments have a 5 night minimum stay. The remaining apartments have a 7 night minimum stay. The only exception to the 5 night minimum stay is the holiday dates of Dec. 22 – Jan. 2, where a 7 night minimum stay is required.

Do we have to rent the apartment for exactly one week?

No. Once you meet the 5 night or 7 night minimum stay a guest can stay for any longer combination of nights desired.

Are there any costs in addition to the per night rental price?

Our prices include all taxes, cleaning and apartment linens. Some apartment prices include utilities and some do not. Check the bottom of the apartment description page to determine whether utilities are extra. Panache has an International Booking & Handling Fee of $100.00 per party. This fee is waived, ad infinitum, for all repeat bookings at any of Panache’s European property rentals. This future benefit is applicable to all members of the party.

Do any of our apartments have air conditioning?

Yes, some of our apartments have air conditioning.

Is air conditioning needed in Paris?

Air conditioning is generally not needed in Paris.

Can baby cribs, high chairs and roll away beds be provided?

Yes. Generally baby cribs, highchairs and rollaway beds can be provided for a small supplemental fee.

Can extra services (cleaning, cooking, etc.) be provided?

Yes. Generally extra services can be provided for a supplemental fee.

Are our apartments quiet?

Most of our apartments have double-glazed windows ensuring quiet. Many of our apartments are designed to have the bedroom window overlook the courtyard not the street. Some apartments are quieter than others.

Do we provide more than one set of apartment keys?

Yes. We can provide two sets of apartment keys. Sometimes we can provide a third set of keys.

Can you arrange private car service or tours?

Yes, we can arrange private car service from the airport or train station to your apartment. We can also arrange private tours.

Is there a “Support System” throughout the rental process?

Yes. Panache offers a good Support System throughout the process. We are happy to answer all questions vis-à-vis our guests’ upcoming visit to Paris. Our English speaking management team in Paris is personable, professional, reliable and helpful. We provide a fifteen page “Apartment Packet” to our guests one month prior to their arrival in Paris and most of our apartments offer helpful “House Books” specific to each apartment and neighborhood.


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